Hellbound – Overlords


Inspired by metal pioneers like Rob Zombie and Pantera, southern rock bands like ZZ top combined with country and hints of power metal, through the coldest, darkest and sludgiest mires of Västerbotten, Sweden rockers Hellbound arises once again to release their second album called “Overlords”.

The official video for the album titled song “Overlords” was released two months ago and can be seen here:

Filmed by: Henrik Olofsson, Edited by: Johan Norström

Hellbound are no beginners on the metal scene, having released a bunch of albums between them in various other constellations like “Moloken”, “Hate Ammo”, “Scumkill”, “Ghamorean” and “Live Elephant” to name a few.
Check out this spotify list if you want to hear some of their other bands:

Hellbound released their first album “Through Hell and Muddy Waters” seven years ago. It was well received by fans and journalists who like their mix of horror film, industrial metal and banjo they themselves called “Swamp metal” or ”The bastard child of Rob Zombie and Dolly Parton”. The band lists blues, country, exploitation movies, “Captain Morgan Spiced Gold” and Absinthe as their main influences.

Level of Shit from “Through Hell and Muddy Waters”.

Guitarist and co-founder Nils Norberg (Nocturnal Rites) has since left the band. Current list of employees:
Miika Rudin-Vocals
Henrik Mikaelsson-Guitar
Mathias Nylén-Guitars
Nicklas Bäckström-Bass
David Ekevärn-Drums
Anders Engberg (Sorcerer)-Choir vocals
Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex Gamma Ray)-Vocals on “Screaming in the Dark”

So, what does the new album sound like?
For starters, the movie influences are known directly from the start. It (the trailer of Hellraiser II-Hellbound) immediatly sets the tone for the album and works as a great mood setter for whats to come. First song “Too Fast to Die” starts of with a great, heavy riff to form a very suiting start for the album. With it comes a great chorus. On guest vocals here you can hear the voice of Nocturnal Rites front man Jonny Lindqvist.

The album continues in the same veign, great riffing from axe wielders Henrik and Mathias, cool atmospheric bits and pieces from movies, trailers and interviews to catch the listener and then tie them down next to the speakers with some massive choruses.


Miika Rudin, singer and co-founder explains how the album came to be:
New line-up needed time to settle in, and many songs and riffs where written before the band knew what direction they would move towards and what the sound of the band where evolving into. Finding the essence of why they love metal was important and Miika explains further that he wanted to find just that in the music they were creating.
“The love for bands like Dio, Maiden, Metallica, Ministry, Blind Guardian, Pantera, White Zombie and other artists like them, all of that goes into the developing of the album cover, how to build the songs etc.”
-Miika Rudin

New album “Overlords” will be released on May 28th on Discouraged Records.
01. Too Fast to Die
02. Seven Seas of Pain
03. Overlords
04. Out of Time
05. Towers Burning
06. Screaming in the Dark (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
07. Atlantis Rise
08. Hand of Death

Artist: Hellbound
Title: Overlords
Label: Discouraged Records
Date of release: 2020-05-28
Rating: 6/10
Stand out track: Out of Time

Hellbound will be performing live at Väven on the 14th of November with Binary Creed and Vanity Insanity.

Bloodrain and Devilblues

Photos by Henrik Olofsson

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Hellbound – Overlords

May 11, 2020

Hellbound are no beginners on the metal scene, having released a bunch of albums between them in various other constellations like "Moloken", "Hate Ammo", "Scumkill", "Ghamorean" and "Live Elephant" to name a few.

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