Hulkoff review – Sabaton Open Air 2018


If you’ve never heard Hulkoff, my tip is that you start by listening to a couple of songs. Or watch a clip from a live performance. This is an artist who is difficult to describe in text. Have you heard his band Raubtier, you will recognize the concept but as a solo artist he is heavier and faster. Harder. The texts of war spirit and eternal brotherhood is performed in English.

He arrives as a medieval force from the most northern of the north of Swedish Lappland. His entire person as an artist revolves around our viking heritage, Mother Earth and the human nature. Hulkoff, in his red/black-checkered flannel shirt, green military pants and baseball cap, can only be completely understood by those who can relate to norrlanders. People of the north are special. In a good way. With him on stage, he has the family Johansson. Father on drums and sons on guitar and bass. These young guys are absolutely amazing on stage! They play, headbanging and shows for the audience in an impressive tempo. This is a nice contrast to Hulkoff himself, with his mad gaze and rough voice has a calmer body language.

Between the songs there is a lot of humor and communication with the audience on a wonderful, broad dialect. He shows his love for his many dedicated fans who give him the same appreciation back.

To the last song, Thobbe Englund arrives. They are good friends and it’s fun to see them together on stage. A very mismatched couple who, through their differences, work well together. After the gig, the audience can also witness another couple. A couple who choose to get married on the main stage with unusually many witnesses cheering for every “yes”.

A gig with Hulkoff is always entertaining.

Who: Hulkoff

Where: Sabaton Open Air 2018

When: 2018-08-17

Stand out song: Beast Mode

Rate: 7/10

Elise Pavicic

Elise Pavicic


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