Iconic – Second Skin


Melodic hard rock supergroup Iconic is to unleash its brand-new album “Second Skin”. The CV of this group is almost longer than your average toilet paper. The banner “supergroup” has had a negative touch to it before but if you can look away from that parameter -lend this your time.

I know Stryper is a watershed band when it comes to hard rock but here Michael’s effort is brilliant. With a major help from Nathan James though and thankfully so actually when all is said and done. And Joel Hoekstra’s guitarwork here is excellent.

They started out with Serafino Perugino (president and head of A&R for Frontiers) wanting Nathan to do an album in the same vein as Whitesnake and with in-house producer Alessandro Del Vecchio they started map out the line-up for this project and look what they ended up with!
They set it off with “Fast as You Can” and from then on, its full speed ahead. It’s impossible to not sit around nodding your head to those songs. And speaking about Whitesnake, if the solo from “Second Skin” isn´t a bit more than borrowed from Whitesnake then I think nothing is.

All is well if you just enjoy the ride through an album. And it sure sounds Whitesnake here and there (could be because of Hoekstra maybe…) but for those who know me it’s not a very bad thing. And I think Nathan still is young enough so he can reach those higher notes just like that.

And if “Second Skin” solo is Whitesnake, the intro part of “This way” could easily slip into “Ill cry for you” by Europe. (and almost every song after has a touch of “Out of this world” guitar tone). But the song is a relative to “All I Need” and is placed a bit too close to that song on the album in my opinion. All in all – Michael is doing a good job, but I am glad Nathan do the most of the vocals here…


Band: Iconic
Title: Second Skin
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 22-06-17
Rate: 6/10
Stand Out track: Second Skin
Country of origin: USA
Playing Time: 47,46
ICONIC second skin COVER.jpg

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Iconic – Second Skin

July 4, 2022

I know Stryper is a watershed band when it comes to hard rock but here Michael’s effort is brilliant.

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