Another new blank page for me musically. A challenge I come to accept as a writer. It says Progressive Metal but its more like Progressive Core (oh dear I just invented a new genre)
Technical, its Progressive and it takes you on a mental metal ride

This was one hell of a knockout of a record. I like it a lot, but you do have to be in a certain mood to cope with this steamroller. Its like going up in the boxing ring totally unprepared of what to come.

Not the metal you just chill along to. You have to focus here. ”Moonlight” brings you the first little string of breathing space, in the beginning of the song that is. It kind of build up to a normal Interloper track. Even if they fool us with slower beginnings it turns into the normal sonic attacks on our ears. But it’s nice to hear a band like this handling the mid tempo songs this good. I even hear a slice of football fan choir on ”Dreamland” (not those bombastic ones just mellow go with the flow chants..). Drift” is a bit too much of a core song for me and Idle Years” sounds like a black metal song transformed into a prog metal track.
I enjoyed this more than I thought I would really. Even in some short slices of songs the melodies can relate to Dream Theater in some small ways (I always seem to compare prog bands with them).

I dont have much more  to say actually about this release. It’s a far better record than expected.
The Wishing Well” turns out to be the peak of the album.

Dear me, I feel like I have gone up in the ring with Tyson Fury, but still wanting more. Thank you guys for this one.

Band: Interloper
Title: Search Party
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 2021/06/11
Rate: 7/10
Stand Out Track: The Wishing Well
Country of origin: USA
Playing Time: 54.02