With a reminiscent artwork to Charlie and the chocolate factory, Jason Bieler invites us to the world of Baron Von Bielskis Orchestra. Here you meet members from Megadeth, Queensryche, Extreme, Sons Of Apollo and Sevendust among others.

For those of you who thinks that its gonna be a hard rock or even metal album. Think again.
The funkiest part of Saigon Kick more like it.
I have listened to this record now for a few times and it might not grow on you but here and there there is small parts to build on.
The first track “Apology” is (I never thought I would write this in a metal rock review) cosy to listen to. Groovy metal with a touch of classic Extreme sound. Sing-along friendly melodies to go along with it. I don’t know what Jason intended by recording this record but he surely make the listener feel good.

Involving Devin Townsend might get you thinking it will be mayhem written all over it. But it continues the same as the first song. Twin harmonic vocals and a very catchy song. Two songs in and I think this is the most diverse and peculiar album I have had the opportunity to review.

A track like “Analise” is quite hypnotic.

Stones Will Fly” doesn’t really differ from the other songs apart from that it has more groove and a toughness to it.Down In A Hole” is not an Alice In Chains cover but if you have heard the Alice In Chains song with the same name you can easily slip into that chorus instead of what you really hear.
“Anthem For Losers
will, if he ever do a tour under this moniker, be a live favourite for sure. A catchy song without getting too cheesy.

One of the more interesting songs is “Beyond Hope” which features Benji from Skindred and Bumblefoot on guitar. A metal reggae song.
And somewhere in the later parts of the album it turns more into a rock experimental album which is fine by me. Its a very different album overall for me to take on. But at the same time very exciting to hear an album like this from a musician who really got not a lot to loose and do this “for fun”. The album like grows on you.

“Born Of The Sun” is the second song that I will bring with me after those listening sessions.
Jeff Scott Soto helps out on “Alone In The World” to make it another good song. And Jeff always makes my day, so that is mostly welcome. “Very Fine People” finishes off the album in a very suitable way. Almost Beatles-esque song.

Artist: Jason Bieler And The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra
Title: Songs For The Apocalypse
Rating: 6/10
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 21-01-22
Place of origin: USA
Stand out tracks: “Anthem For Losers” and”Born Of The Sun”