Jeff Scott Soto – Complicated


Ah A new Jeff Scott Soto album is just what this weird world needs. An album that probably will make my top ten albums of the year list. As you’ve figured out JSS is in my opinion one of the greatest singers around in 2022. So when he drops new music it’s like Christmas morning in a kid’s world. (But I must figure out the difference between Jeff Scott Soto and Soto releases though.)

Have you heard Jeff once and liked him you should have been followed him up to now (but if you feel you need to collect his work, he has released around 60 records in different bands and projects…).
A special shoutout to Fabrizio Sgattoni who is a guitar virtuoso without going Yngwie Wylde on the songs, but one who follows the melodies in a way that you get his talent and shows off a bit now and then but never steals the spotlight.

“Home Again” is an action-packed track that will fit in perfectly in a future live set.

And In the state of the world right now “Love Is The Revolution” should be the title of the album I think, but we get one great song out of it nevertheless. And just don´t ask if the ballad “Until I See You again” is any good. Of course, it is. Its not the worst kind of “MTV big hair Ballad”, but a rock ballad for this century and as you know 90 percent of hard rock ballads is the best ones so what did you expect?

“Don’t Look Back” is a track suited for a playlist of songs to get you going on a gym or diving fast (but of course within the speed limits….)
“New Horizon” is, I think, the heaviest track on the album. A (for being JSS) fast song. And the thought of “stand out track” competition coming to a close (three songs left after “New Horizon”) is like waking up from a fantastic dream. “Thank you “is the second to last song on the album, and thank you is something we need to say to you! Thank you, Jeff, for 43 minutes of pure magic, very much needed. Now we all need a European tour (including Sweden) . Time flies in your musical company. And I don’t have anything to complain about again…

Artist: Jeff Scott Soto
Title: Complicated
Rating 8/10
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing Time: 45.19
Date of release: 2022-05-06

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Jeff Scott Soto – Complicated

May 22, 2022

Thank you, Jeff, for 43 minutes of pure magic, very much needed.

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