I happen to really like Alice in Chains. So, when Mr. Cantrell decides to release a solo album, I am happy, glad, at ease with his sounding like a bluesier, swampier version of Alice In Chains unplugged album.

There is always a lot of anguish and depression in his music. That´s why I like his main band. You can have no doubts about who is the main influencer in Alice in Chains. Not after listening to this album.

Most of the songs on Brighten would easily fit onto an album that had Alice in Chains written on the front. But I am glad that Cantrell stays on his own for a bit. The normal layers in the vocal track is ever apparent here. Listen to my favorite track Siren Song and you will get my drift.

When looking for references or thoughts that come into my head when listening to the album I have to say that many songs would have been a perfect fit for the tv series True Blood. Anytime, anywhere in that series you could have put in one of the songs from Brighten and it would have been fine.

The album feels more like a semi acoustic album leaning more towards singer-songwriter than rock/grunge/hard-rock album. Even a gruesome title like Dismembered feels quite pleasant and easy to listen to, not what you expect when seeing that title. Prism of Doubt has a riff or rhythm just like the Shaggy song Angel. I find that reference quite amusing.  Had to know is probably the closest you will ever have from Cantrell regarding to open top car going a bit fast next to the beach during sunset.

All in all, an album I enjoyed all day long and probably tomorrow as well.


Band: Jerry Cantrell
Title: Brighten
Label: Self Release
Date of release: 2021-10-29
Rate: 8/10
Stand Out Track: Siren Song
Country of Origin: USA
Playing Time: 40:46