Say what you want about the two time Emmy nominee Joe Bonamassa, but he is a busy boy. Mr Bonamassa released a quite ambitious double live cover album earlier this year, and now he´s about to release a new album with just new material. This is Mr Bonamassas 13th release as a solo artist and the album is called Redemption. Redemption consists of 12 songs that according to the press release reflect the re-birth that he is currently going through. Or as Joe himself describe it in his press release ´I’m going through some other stuff in my life I didn’t expect to be going through. It’s a rising, it’s contrition, it’s acceptance, it’s everything. It’s painful, but knowing that there’s a rising coming´ .

The album is like travelling back in time. The very first song, called ‘Evil Mama’ start of with the drum intro of Led Zeppelins fame, and I start to lick my lips of excitement, then comes the brass and destroys that Zeppelin vibe I was getting into. The song turns out to be a lot like the 60’s soul stuff, and somewhere in there is actually a zeppelin kind of song. But it is in my opinon hide abit to deep in the brass.

You get used to the bluesy soul music after a while, but it is very refreshing to hear a song like ‘Molly O’ where the Led Zeppelin vibe is there, but without the brass.
Another memorable song is ‘The ghost of Macon Jones’ where Bonamassa trades vocals with the country singer Jamy Johnson. This song is a tale of a rural renegade, with an easy and repetitive drumbeat and accoustic standbass of the rockabilly era, that make this song to something you just can´t sit still to.

There is a Zeppelin vibe to this album. Mixed with a lot of the 60’s soul and rock’n roll. Personally I wouldn´t mind if Mr Bonamassa got rid of the brass and just played that zeppelinesque rock’n roll, like ‘Molly O’ and ‘Deep in the blues again’. It is a very diversed album, You can hear influences from rockabilly songs, jazz, soul, and of course as I mentioned before, Led Zeppelin.
This album is a grower.The first time I listened to it, I wasn´t to keen on all the brass, but after I listened to it a couple of times I got used to it and the songs became much stronger. With that said, the songs are a bit of lounge music and really doesn’t stand out in any way. I meen, it is nothing you never heard before. With that said, it is to a large extent a very good and strong collection of songs. For the die hard fans, it is certainly a little bit further than the straight up blues they are used to, but this album won´t dissapoint them either. The songs are easy to take in, and to some of the songs it is just impossible not to start stomping your feet.

All you big Joe Bonamassa fans should check out his tour dates, since he is on an European tour this fall and maybe he will visit your hometown.

Band: Joe Bonamassa
Titel: Redemption
Release date: 2018-09-21
Label: Provouge Records
Rate: 7/10
Stand out song: Molly O