Here the Berlin based Doom/Stoner/Retrorock trio release another live album, featuring their infamous show at Pumpehuset in Denmark’s capitol in November 2017. The recording was made during the band’s tour in support of their most recent album, ‘Rough Times’. Truth of the matter was that I was kind of surprised that Kadavar released yet another live album. I thought it was not that long ago they released ‘Live in Antwerpen’. Another live record after just two albums – I thought – but after checking out the year on my own personal vinyl copy, that was released in 2014, maybe it is time for another one. But – with that said – there is a logical explanation for Kadavar to release live albums, since they are one of the best live acts on the circuit these days. Kadavar is actually notorious for their great live performances.

So why Copenhagen of all places? When you read the press release you find out just why.
”Since their first appearance in Copenhagen at HEAVY DAYS IN DOOMTOWN in 2013, Denmark´s capitol and especially the charm of the audience has always entranced the band and resulted in powerful performances, not uncommonly followed by savage nights. Their set at Pumpehuset in November 2017 left the cheering audience spellbound and deaf.”

Another fun fact, at least for me, is that I attended this show and I thought it would be fun to see if my live experience was translated in a good way on this album, even if more songs were played live than ended up on the album. The song that stood out for me that night were ‘Tribulation Nation’. That song grew enormously when it was played live, compared to the album version. But here is a lot of goodies on this album, songs like ‘Black sun’, ‘The old man’ and of course ‘Tribulation Nation’ just to mention a few.

The sound on the album is a lot better than I remembered it live, so I am quite sure they have polished the sound. The problem with giving the songs some shine is that it takes away that raw energy the show had, and I miss that raw energy that I felt on this show. It somehow got lost in these recordings. I didn´t feel that energy that I felt while I stood in the crowd. They have chosen a good collection of songs to perform on this live album. It´s a nice compilation of songs from their entire career, with songs represented from all their previous albums, and I do think they’ve choosen the best ones, at least more or less.

I think this album gives you a sense of how Kadavar sounds live right now. There is no fuzz, it is pedal to the metal from the first to the last chord. Unfortunately Kadavar have a problem with preserving the raw energy they provide live and transfer that on to the live record.

Artist: Kadavar
Titel: Live in Copenhagen
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: 2018-10-12
Rate: 8/10
Standout track: Tribulation Nation


Patrik Nilsson