Kamelot – Fryshuset, Stockholm 2018-09-23


I heard that the ticket sales were low for this show. But by the time the band came on it looked and felt like a close to sold out show I would say.

“Phantom divine” get things started. The growl parts are handled on this tour by Lauren Hart from the band Once Human. I kind of hoped for a guest appearance by Elize Ryd(Amaranthe) tonight on “Sacrimony” but Lauren did a good job. This is the second time i see the band with Tommy and i think it´s great that they play the majority of songs from his time in the band topped by songs from the “Khan era”. Even if it´s sunday, the audience are in the hands of Tommy right away and on their toes. We get a breather with a beautiful version of “Here´s to the Fall” with Tommy asking for our mobile phones as lighters…

But then, just as when i thought it would be a concert without solos, the lights go down and a spotlight were on the drummer AND the keyboardplayer. A good thing with this was that it was short and distinct. That lowpoint in the show was soon forgotten when the band broke into “March of Mephisto”. Tommy is centre of the attention with the rest of the band backing him up with a solid performance, well if you look to the right from the audiences point of view you do take note of the bassplayer Sean Tibbet with his gigantic hair in almost constant headbanging. Kamelot 2018 is as solid and good as ever.

When: 18-09-23
Rate: 7/10

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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