To your everyman, Metal as a genre and a movement has traditionally always been seen as a bit off putting and aggressive and thrash metal especially so. Sharp, fast and freaking furious is the order of the day and sweet rollicking rivers of razor sharp rhapsodies, Katapult is back! Remember them from earlier this year? Their terrific debut EP ” A Fistful of Truth” shoved enough TNT upp the proverbial a-hole of greedy capitalism to blow up a small moon and still have enough left to flatten most of the Italian alps.

And now they´re here again to calm our nerves, serve us a nice cup of tea and dismantle a rigged system brick by brick by shouting at it, to begin with, at least. The diplomaticly monikered “Shut The F**K Up And Press Play” (STFUAPP for short) continues the bands momentum. From the first seconds of opener “All That´s Left”,  this four track EP is here to take no prisoners. Once again, vocalist supreme, Johan Norström proves why he is heralded as one of the best screamers in metal today as his venom laced vocal chords guides us through a stampede of ferocious riffing and pounding drums.

The standout track though, without a doubt, is the closing song “Du Brinner Ihjäl”. Beautifully sung in his native Swedish, here Johan hits a raw nerve as it is both achingly serene and raging in its desperation. Here the multinational thrash metal titans to be have carefully crafted one of the best songs of the year. Absolutely brilliant.

Artist: Katapult
Title: Shut The F**k Up And Press Play
Label: Independent release
Playing Time: 16 minutes
Rating: 8/10
Place of origin: Sweden/Switzerland
Standout track: Du Brinner Ihjäl