Kazjurol – Multi Dead World


To review a band from my hometown could be a challenge, I warned Pontus (one of the guitarplayers) about it when hearing about the new album and that I would review it. But i´ll try to focus on what this really are and nothing else. After lying in a silent womb since 1990 with sporadic returns the real Fagersta´s Finest is back. And it impresses me. I need to listen to “Dance Taranella” after this to compare the bands. This album is far more heavy than that one. If you liked the youthfull approach they had in the early 90´s this one is a grown up evolved band that still got the speed but maybe not the most full speed ahead melodies that were present on the first record.

A band that comes to mind is Biohazard (of all bands) beside the more obvious Slayer (I can hear a darker vocal ranged Tom Arraya in Tomas Bergströms vocals). As I said, this is a more grown up version of the 90´s Kazjurol. You can say that they´ve left the childhood home to explore their adult life and found a formula close to the past but updated into this century.

I don´t know if it is because of the fact that they´re from my hometown that I find this album really good or if I can pursue others to like it. Don´t think of a band that hasn´t been around since forever and try to revive past glory. This is a completely different band.

“Suicide solution!” But sit tight. This is a thrashing song who only bares the same title as the Ozzy song, it is not a cover. For the first time I think they dip their toes into the 90´s crossover memorial pond. “Do I wanna die- hell awaits me”. A nice salute to the mighty Slayer. Even if it isn´t meant to be that.

The melodies in “Multi Dead World” intro is heavy as hell but it will get stuck in your head. Here you can hear the 90´s Kazjurol through and through. They keep the crossover/Slayer pace. The further in, the more I get to think that even If there is only one Slayer, this band should catch some of the disappointed fans who still mourns that bands demise. Listen to the drums in “Merciless Insanity”, they are almost stolen from “Seasons In The Abyss”.To say goodbye, they´ve re recorded the song “Stagedive To Hell”. Ten songs is just perfect for any album. But this one could easily have had one or two more songs.

(Fagersta´s finest it used when The Hives are mentioned. Kazjurol takes it back)


Band: Kazjurol
Title: Multi Dead World
Label: GMR
Date of release: 19-09-27
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track:Fine way to die


Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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