Looking back at the songs Ken Hensley wrote for Uriah Heep during the eleven years he was the keyboard player and main song writer in Uriah Heep 1970-1980, it is amazing the world has heard so little from his later works. Sure, he has had a career, but nothing near as succesful or legendary as the timeless masterpieces he made in Heep. Myself, I can only recollect three things: his 1973 solo album Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf, the Hensley/Lawton gig at Sweden Rock 2008 (awsome!), and the 2007 solo album Blood On the Highway, which I still haven’t collected, but from which every song I’ve heard I’ve gotten really impressed by. Come to think of it, there seems to be a whole world to explore with Hensley! Sadly, it’s all over now. Ken Hensley passed away in november last year, and My Book of Answers is the last we’ll ever hear from him. So let’s make it count!

And yes, of course, My Book of Answers is a really good album. With great melodic rock songs like Lost (My Guardian), Right Here Right Now, The Silent Scream and The Darkest Hour, the album just stands strong all the way through! All right, it may lack the genuine masterpieces, but there are no weak songs on the entire album, and the overall sound is good and warm.  Having listened to My Book of Answers, I start to think about how much more there is to discover in his long and respectful career. There seems to be a lot, and I now know it’s time for me to go on and discover it!

Also, it’s nice to notice that much like former Uriah Heep college Lee Kerslake, who is also currently releasing a posthumous farewell album, Hensley ends it all with a warm and gentle goodbye album. My Book of Answers is really a good album, and worthy closure to Hensleys over 50 years long career. I’m gonna miss him!

Artist: Ken Hensley
Title: My Book of Answers
Label: Cherry Red Records
Date of release: 5/3-21
Time: 45,30

Rating: 7/10
Standout track: Right Here, Right Now