Last In Line – II


To name a band after a classic metal album is brave and bold. The band Last In Line might not compete with the Legacy of the band whom the name was taken but presumed fans might not come to them as easily. But as far as I know the band name got stuck from being just a jam-act to a full blown band. Please try to ignore the band name and listen with open ears please.

First track on the album “Black out the Sun” is a heavy slow melodic rock song whom premiers Andy Freemans (formerly known for his work in Lynch Mob among others) soulful rock voice. Some people have said that they should have gone with a more profiled singer but Andy is doing a great job I think.
“Landslide” was chosen as a single ahead of the album’s release. Another track focusing on the solid voice of Mr. Freeman and also leans on Viv Campbell’s stable guitars and I am happy to hear that he still can rock out like in…you know the band….which I think he is not “allowed”/able to in his main band.

“Gods and Tyrants” is a good song that has great hooks and riffs but it never really takes off. The track borrows bits and pieces from bands like The Black Crowes and Rival Sons. “Year of the Gun” are filled with what “Gods…” didn´t have. A full on hard rock song, more speed and a catchy lyric. “Give up the Ghost” follows, a bit slower but still a heavy melodic rocker. A song that reminds me of bands who tried to sound like they were from the LA scene in the 80´ but not the ones with more makeup than attitude. A perfectly placed track, it gives you the chance to just enjoy a band who knows how to create catchy rock tunes without losing focus.

“The Unknown” sounds like a dystopic track, fateful lyrics on how the world is today and how it has become. “Sword from the Sun” comes on and I wonder if Vivian has sounded this great since he was named the new guitar player in the Def Leppard? It´s like he crawled out of the 80´s scrapped the dust off his hands and just realized how good of a guitar player he can be, Andy´s putting his vocal chords to the test here. This is a future live classic.

“Electrified” is just that. A fast track that takes no prisoners. Should be a show opener in the future. “Love and war” works out to be a “classic” Last In Line track if you can say so about a band who´s just about to put out their second album?

Progressive is not what the band is about but on “False flag” they try to complicate the music a bit more than on other tracks on the album. I haven´t figured out if they ever recorded the bassline intro to the song with Jimmy Bain and had it placed in the beginning here. If so it´s a class act homage to a fallen friend. Here the whole band are on full throttle.
Final track “The Light” leaves me want to hear more from the band. Sounds like a tribute to Jimmy Bain in some way. The whole album is a surprise to me and should be to you to if you put aside the band name again. And are you into some rough attitude filled metal/rock this is a record for you.

Band: Last In Line
Title: II
Label: Frontiers
Date of release 22/2-19
Stand out track: Year of the Gun

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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