Like a Storm is a bunch of guys from New Zealand playing modern metal, the kind of modern metal you’d hear on the radio if you were to tune in a current metal channel for recent “hits”. You know what I’m talking about; the typical american sound close to metalcore but softer, with lots of autotune, growling backing vocals, a slim production, hit refrains and a name consting of three random words. This is far, far from the heavy metal I’ve grown to love.

First of all, there isn’t a single vocal note on this album that isn’t drenched in autotune. Since autotune sounds absolutely horrible, most of the album is lost at that point already. Otherwise, the album sounds very typical for the genre; metal but still soft and radio oriented, the Eurovision Song Contest kind of metal. I guess it works seeing how the songs are kind of catchy and energetic, but they leave me no lasting impression what so ever. It’s boring, it’s shallow and it lacks of everything I love about metal.

I wish I could say something genuinly positive about these guys but I’m sorry, this just doesn’t work at all for me. If you are into this kind of music, fine, but myself I just can’t understand how somebody could possibly prefer this to classic metal.

Band: Like a Storm
Title: Catacombs
Label: Century Media
Date of release: 13/7-18
Time: 48,18
Rate: 2/10
Stand out track: The Devil Inside