Live Review Eclipse Fryshuset Stockholm 20/12-19


This review became a competition about how much superlatives a rock show can get.
To be able to deliver a great rock show such as the one I witnessed tonight without a giant stage setup and explosions and all that is today something you need something else to rely on. You have to rely on a solid band and a charismatic/strong frontperson plus of course great songs. The term Melodic rock is something I have a hard time accepting. But add Hard to it and I am falling for it mostly. That´s where we find Eclipse. This band has released one of this year’s best albums. So when the chance for me to see them  and review the Stockholm show appeared I did not hesitate.

With Eriks voice as fantastic live as it is on record, and without any big gestures he hold the audience in his hand from the first note of “Viva La Victoria” through the Eurovision song contest contribution from 2016 “Runaway” (he promised us that they will never do that again) all the way until the final chord of “Never Look Back”.
A close to a capacity crowd welcomed the band and obeyed everything he demanded us to do.  2 extra points for keeping the solos to the minimum . Even if the “Oh fortuna” mixup during the drum solo was fun.  They kept the focus on having a tight setlist and giving us songs instead of neverending solos. Thank you!

Critics may call the band “Eurovision rock”but the fans doesn´t really care. You know what you get. A great time all the way through. Focus on the tour is the new album “Paradigm” and I can´t complain about that. And what I’ve heard the tour had been a success and that is nice to hear because this band deserve their sucess.  As Erik said on stage it is because of us who attend the shows and buy the merchandise and records that makes the band and let them continue doing what they love.

This was my first live experience with the band. I had the chance to see them at Sweden Rock festival both 2016 and 2014. But they flew under my radar then. Now I am planning on attending Skogsröjet in August just to see them again. The future can, if the stars align be Eclipses. This might not yet be headlining material on festivals but they should easily get a good stage time so more people discover this great band.


Who: Eclipse
Where: Fryshuset, Klubben. Stockholm
When: 19-12-20
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Battlegrounds


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Live Review Eclipse Fryshuset Stockholm 20/12-19

December 22, 2019

Critics may call the band “Eurovision rock”but the fans doesn´t really care. You know what you get. A great time all the way through.

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