Livereview Sabaton at the Sabaton Cruise 12/12-18

Livereview Sabaton at the Sabaton Cruise 12/12-18


I’ve seen Sabaton quite some times now and they have done some pretty amazing shows at their own festival Sabaton Open Air in Falun. This time a boat on the Baltic Sea was the venue for the show and it was packed with people. If I got the picture straight Sabaton is playing two sets when they play the Sabaton Cruise and this year was no different. The first set contains the album “Carolus Rex” in its entirety and it could have been great if they have choosen the english version. This time though it was the swedish version of the album and believe me when I say that I understand them, unfortunately I don’t like the fact that Sabaton are singing in swedish except the absolutely brilliant “En Livstid I Krig”. For me the first set is kind of boring even if I put on a great smile when Jocke told his bandmates that he would like to have a beer, and with help from the standing audience (he floats over the people) he gets to the bar while the rest of the band performing “Gott Mit Uns”.

The second set of the evening take place one hour after the first and my hopes are set high. I’m thinking that it can’t get worse and it doesn’t but the band makes a tired impression from where I stand. It’s always great hearing songs like “Primo Victoria”, “Shiroyama” and the awesome “To Hell And Back” which is the peak of the evening. For me the evening at the sea is absolutely great but Sabaton doesn’t impress me this time and when I have to hear “Swedish Pagans” not once but two times I just shake my head and wonder why?

Who: Sabaton
Where: Sabaton Cruise, Baltic Sea
When: 12/12-18
Rating: 4/10
Best song: To Hell And Back
Worst song: Swedish Pagans

Johan Hagberg
Authored by: Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer