Lizzy Borden – My midnight things

Lizzy Borden – My midnight things


The band was formed in 1983 and released the first album “Love you to pieces” 1985, the next year the second album “Menace to society” was released. In 1987, they released the album “Visual lies”, and the band had now acquired faithful fans. In 1989, the “Master of Disguise” was released, which would be the last for several years. In 1995, the band split up because of the current music scene. But already in 1999 the band reunite and a show at Wacken open air was performed and the fans liked what they heard. The following year they released the album “Deal with the Devil” but some great success did not come. In 2008, the album “Appointment With Death” was released, which is the latest recording by the band.

In 2018, they release “My Midnight Things”, a record that I think sounds more like the material they released in the mid 80’s. The last 2 records have been more powermetal and it suits the band better. The singer and founder Lizzy Borden have a very special voice that I can imagine that many do not like. First out on the new record is the title song “My midnight things”, it’s good, really good. It’s the best song on the whole record, unfortunately, the quality drops tremendously after this song. “Obsessed with you”, the second track including synthesizers and big arrangements. Now it’s no longer Lizzy Borden unfortunately. I’m missing guitars with a lot of energy and more speed in the songs. The record contains 13 tracks, but then you get different versions of the title track and a cover on “Silent night”, yes you read correctly. This Christmas classic who certainly sang at some point in life and strongly associates with Christmas. Here it just goes wrong, it does not fit in at all.

Band: Lizzy Borden
Title: My midnight thiongs
Label: Metal Blade Records
Date of release: 15/6-18
Rate: 4/10
Stand out track: My midnight things

Jens Wärme
Authored by: Jens Wärme