Lordi – Sexorcism


It seems like it was a hundred years ago when Lordi turned upside down on the Eurovision Song Contest. The song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” wasn’t the best song ever made but their image took Europe by storm. The year now is 2018 and Lordi is back with a new album which sounds like……..Lordi. If you like Lordi before this album you will still like Lordi after you have been listening to “Sexorcism”. The finnish band are playing with words in titles like “Sexorcism”, “Polterchrist”, “Slashion Model Girls” and “Romeo Ate Juliet”. They have found there style in the world I call hardrock.

What’s my thoughts about the album? Well first of all I must say that the music is simple and very good hardrock. Lordi will never be remembered for their musical skills but some of the riffs are great and some of the choruses are so good I wish that I have wrote them. The titletrack are a great opener and songs like “Naked In My Cellar”, “The Beast Is Yet To Come”, “Rimskin Assassin” and “Sodomesticated Animal” will be favourites on the upcoming tour.

Lordi released their first album 2002 and they are still doing there thing. In a good way I think. Look at bands like Kiss, Alice Cooper and Slipknot who never ever really compromising with their image (yes I know that Kiss was without make up over ten years). Lordi have found there place in the genre of hardrock/heavy metal and why walk away from a concept that really works. There’s one thing that’s keeping the rate down on “Sexorcism” and that’s the fact that the album has a playing time over an hour. It’s a little bit to long and if they have decided to pulled away three songs this would definitely be one of the best records so far in 2018.

Lordi - Sexorcism

Artist: Lordi
Title: Sexorcism
Label: AFM Records
Date of release: 25/5-18
Playing Time: 62,42
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Romeo Ate Juliet


Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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