A bit monotone but at the same time quite entertaining piece of album. Quick summary to start this review. If you are happy reading the short version, step away to your more important life. If not I will try to elaborate why this is my conclusion.

To start with, you have a rather nice level and tempo of all the songs. Some little differences here and there like the start of Crucifix that really sounds like a Slayer song when the intro starts.

Songs are pretty much midtempo to a bit slow all the way through. Well work and arranged one has to say. A couple of spooky sounds and creepy organ playing pops up every now and again. Much appreciated riffs and solos are served all the way.

There is a solid performance and well planned, executed structure in all songs. Cannot complain about either production or mix. All instruments are given sufficient space to shine and are well weighed up against each other.

With all this apparent praise, why not let this album fly above most other albums? I think just because of that. Don´t get me wrong. This is solid. But it is not a 9 or 10 out of ten. Not even an eight. It is an enjoyable album. What it is not really is taking your breath away and getting you to think that this is an album so much greater than the first 3 from Lucifer. This is not either to say that the group is so stagnant. They do seem to be rolling on medium. Lucifers medium is and should be quite high.

I would like them to level up on songs that stick a bit longer in my head and have more songs that I feel will age better than I feel that these will.


Band: Lucifer

Title: Lucifer 4

Label: Century Media

Date of release: 2021-10-29

Rate: 7/10

Stand Out Track: Mausoleum

Country of Origin: Germany/Sweden

Playing Time: 45:45