Lucifer – Lucifer II

Lucifer – Lucifer II


The retro rock scene has been along for quite some time now, and among the many bands who try to sound like a 70’s occult hardrock band, is fronted by a powerful female vocalist and namedrops Blue Öyster Cult as a key influence, we find Lucifer. The singer is Johanna Sadonis, who on this second album has teamed up with none other than Nicke Anderson (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Death Breath and thousands of other bands and projects) to make Lucifer II. So how does this stand out in the crowded retro rock-genre? Not that much. But it’s quite good.

There are no weak songs on this album, the sound is warm, organic and nice, and Sadonis has a good voice. If you love retro rock or just classic 70’s hard rock, this is absolutely an album worth giving a few spins. But in the end, no song really sticks out and as I listen to the album for the fourth time, I still can’t hum along to any of the tunes. That of course is the albums biggest disadvantage. But overall, it works. This is a nice and comfortable album.

Band: Lucifer
Title: Lucifer II
Label: Century Media
Date of release: 6/7-18
Time: 41,57
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: Phoenix

Anton Stenlund
Authored by: Anton Stenlund