Lucifer returns with brand new album “III”. Hard rock straight from the seventies with lyrics that cover the occult, flirting with the devil, death and rock’n’roll all framed within a cinematic kind of satanic imagery.
Their last album “II” was a big step away from the hokus pokus rock moving the band into more of a hard rock sound. Now with “III” it feels as if the band has gotten more used to that sound and is having more fun with it. The songs are well written and well played and the album contains both straight forward hard rock’n’roll and also some more riffbased songs that made me think of Black Sabbath and Candlemass.
All in all a bigger sound and songs that fit that sound. Fans of their last album “II” will not be disappointed.

Band: Lucifer
Title : III
Label: Century Media
Date of release: 2020-03-20
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Pacific Blues