Stockholm quartet Lugnet return in style as they release their brand new album “Nightwalker” upon the world. A followup to their selftitled album from 2016 and it´s nice to hear a band that actually succeds in bringing something fresh to the table while playing music that´s heavily influenced by the music of the past. In a scene that´s been completly oversaturated by bands that sound similar, uses similar artwork and many of whom seem to have read the standard form on how to start a doom/retrorock/stonerdoom/stonerrock-band it´s nice to come across a band like Lugnet. By careful steering the music to the left when many others would have steered right and vice versa they stay clear of risking to sound like the majority in this genre and therefore making Nightwalker a not only very well played album but also more interesting and fun to listen to than a lot of other rockmusic in the same genre.

Besides the obvious and most noticable influence in Black Sabbath Lugnet also mixes in elements of heavy metal, hard rock and a little bit of stonerrock but puts a unique spin on the whole thing.

Nightwalker is eight tracks of riffbased rock in the style of Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid, Lucifers Friend etc and fits just as
good on your recordplayer as in your carstereo.

Artist: Lugnet

Title: Nightwalker

Label: Pride & Joy

Date of release: 25/1 -19

Rate: 7/10

Stand out tracks: Die for you, Kill us all