As it seems we are dealing with an workaholic here. A musician that has so many projects. And one the record company rely on when it´s time to make another project.
Judging by the cover we have what we can call fantasy power metal laying ahead of us and I do get the chill of just typing that. That part of metal do I have difficulties with. But what the hell:

Off we are to a bad start then. And the feeling that he picked some singers to fill out the record with just for the sake of it. A song like “Kingdom Falls” hasn´t got that same speed blindness style than other songs on the record though. But poor Renan Zonta do a decent work when he doesn’t need to scream his lungs out to catch up with the music.
Well! Indeed something happened. When the whole album needed to catch its breath Magnus himself takes on centre stage and performs “We Are The night” which is the best song so far without a doubt. And then the next surprise is when Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) sings, in my opinion, better than she have done for a long time in a beautiful piece called “Queen Of Fire”. And from here it´s quite an enjoyable record. Still it is tripping on a thin line between going into overload and the more enjoyable part (when they hold back the foot from the pedal a bit).

I can almost enjoy it. From here on in to the end it is a completely different album. Someone must have done something very wrong when they edited the album. So please forget completely about the first two songs. Ignore them. Start out with track number three. And even Dino makes up for his earlier performance and on a track like “Under The Black Star” he sounds more like Russell Allen and that is a special bonus point in my book.
Legendary singer Tony Martin is invited for a couple of songs and what I heard he demanded to do the songs his own way all the way. I don’t know, it still sound like cheesy power metal songs. These tracks was something I was looking forward to on forehand. But it didn’t quite reach to its potential.
I still wonder how and why the two first track made the final cut. They are not even close to be what the rest of the album is about.


Artist: Magnus Karlssons FreeFall
Album: We Are The Night
Label: Frontiers Records
Date Of release: 2020-06-12
Rate: 5/10
Stand Out Track: One By One