A few things that I will carry with me after this listening session is that Sweden now has its own Annihilator, MMI is underrated and Erik Mårtensson is the best rock singer in Sweden today PERIOD!
It took me about two listening sessions to find out who Jhonny Berget Bergman sounds like and then it struck me like a massive thrash riff: just as Jeff Waters today brings us a “slap in the face” thrash metal journey whenever he puts out some new Annihilator album. This band follows in their footsteps. Maybe not in the more mellow parts of the Canadian thrashers , but when both bands speed it up the comparisons could not go unnoticed. And it suits me fine! When I finally found that out it almost is impossible not to compare the two bands throughout this album.

And another thing, here we have yet another band that deserves your attention. Another Swedish band too. We do create some magnificent metal acts still, and without an epithet of catchy melodies and great thrashriffs is served warm and cozy . I give the band another bonus point for bringing Erik from Eclipse on to sing guest vocals on “The Age of the doomsday clock”.
This massive thrash attack on my ears end with “Sins of the fathers” and I find another band I need to follow more closely onwards. I was quite surprised however that the transition from Industrial metal to this modern thrash metal worked out this good.

Artist: Man Machine Industry
Title: Doomsday Clock
Label: GMR
Date of release:14/2-20
Rating 6/10
Stand Out Track: “the age of the doomsday clock”