Manimal – Purgatorio


This is  the bands third album, i discovered them when a friend of mine sent me a spotify link of a song from their last album.

I have been waiting for a Lost Horizon reunion for a while now, but hearing Manimal,- it doesn´t have to happen all to quick.  If you get itches from twin guitars, strong harmonies and clean vocals in the same way as Joacim Cans or Michael Kiske, no need to read further. This is almost a celebration of all things great that comes out of Power Metal.

”Black plague” kicks the record off; think heavier Nocturnal Rites and you´re close. With Samuel Nymans perfectly suited vocals.  The title track  ”Purgatorio” starts out with something that could have come from Kai Hansen or Wolff Hoffman, without ripping them off.  This is a truly great power metal tune, in my book this is how it should be done!

Coming up is the third track “Manimalized”  and the intro gets you thinking of Judas Priest for a few seconds if you listen good, right up until the vocals comes in(painkiller era).  About this far into the album, they change lane a bit and steps up a bit  from fast songs into songs more focused on playing heavy! . Which they come away with great.  “Spreading the Dread”, “Traitor” and “Behind enemy  line”  is three  tracks that shows the world that the band can be heavy and not just typical power metal fast . If you´re a fan of the band and  want someone who is skeptical about the band  to listen to them those are the tracks I should let them listen to.

Rammstein in Manimal? The record company wrote that “the riffs in “Denial” brings Rammstein to mind” and I must agree here but that is only the intro that is Rammstein so fear not that they completely changed who they are.

“Edge of darkness” is another stand out track due to its heaviness. Should have been the final song with it’s “this the end” lyrics

Ballads…None but  the last song “The fear within” comes close and is a great ending to a great record

The more I listen to this record, the more I like it.

The band is somewhat “best kept secret” from Sweden, if you´re into this kind of music, this album should if not catapult them, at least get them a decent support slot for a bigger name and a good position at any of next years metal festivals in Europe. I can go on forever praising this act

RATE: 8/10




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