Mark Knopfler – Down the Road Wherever


There are two words to best describe the new Mark Knopfler album: “smooth” and “long”. The first word is undoubtably meant as a compliment, the album sure has a smooth touch and strong vibe, while the other word points more to the albums great weakness. Let’s take a closer look.

The album starts off with “Trapper Song”, which imideately takes us into a great wilderness of calm and beauty. It feels like a long, cozy walk in the woods, a rainy but beautiful sunday. This is a feeling that remains throughout the whole experience, and you early on find out this is a very nice album to listen to. It rolls on softly and fills the room with comfort and warmth. Among the very best songs we find the soft “When You Leave” with its astonishing jazz-trumpet, the powerful “My Bacon Roll” and of course the beautiful “Trapper Song”. But as the album goes on, it slowly starts to wear itself out. Many songs float by without really taking us as high as the songs I mentioned earlier, and you kind of get the feeling that the album would get much closer to you if only some of the weaker songs were taken out. In the end, the long walk through the woods starts to make our feet weary and we start to ask ourselves the question wether or not we’re lost and where the road home lies. When we finally get home, we feel fresh and strong, but quite fed up with walking.

Seeing how the heights and the overall mood is so great, I want to like “Down the Road Wherever” more than I do. But as a whole, it’s not really that much of a great album. It’s a good album, it’s really nice mood music, and I really like it. But I can’t shake the feeling of how much better the album would have been with only ten out of these sixteen songs.

Band: Mark Knopfler
Title: Down the Road Wherever
Label: British Grove Records
Date of release: 16/11-18
Time: 78,34
Rate: 6/10
Stand out tracks: When You Leave

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund


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