Michael Schenker Fest, indeed! This is the second album of this concept, in which Michael Schenker is making new music with his old musical companions from his many projects and bands bearing his name. At the center of this project is of course four great vocalists: Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McCauley and Doogie White. These are all great singers, so to hear them all together sure is a real fest!

But even with such a great combination of musicians, you of course have got to have good songs to make the project fly. And sure enough, this is a collection of really nice melodic rock songs. There are fast songs, singalong tunes, ballads, everything that makes a good rock album! Perhaps there aren’t any real masterpieces or genuine hit songs, and thirteen songs is always too much. But all of the vocalists are given time to shine and overall, this is a stable and steady piece of rock music. Just like the opening track says: “Rock Steady”.

So in the end, Revelation really works. It may not be an album that goes down in history, but I have a hard time seeing how a fan of this kind of music wouldn’t enjoy it! So have no doubt to join the fest and find out for yourself!

Band: Michael Schenker Fest
Title: Revelation
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 20/9-19
Time: 52,40
Rate: 7/10
Stand out tracks: Sleeping With the Light On