The Swedish heavy metal band Mindless Sinner was formed in the town of Linköping in 1982. The year after, they released the EP “Master Of Evil” and in 1986 they introduced the world to their cult classic debut full length album “Turn On The Power”.
After starting out very much inspired by the classical heavy metal sound of the early and mid eighties, Mindless Sinner evolved towards being a more melodic rock band with a clear commercial touch, as they also changed the band name to simply “Mindless”. This only generated moderate success and soon the band went into hiding for a very long time.
There is no doubt that one of the most important things that sparked the flame which eventually drew Mindless Sinner out of the shadows to once again emerge as the true force of solid steel they are, is the rising of the infamous New Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal movement. In the mid 2000’s, the Swedish underground scene exploded with talented bands who wanted to make the past come alive once more, through the power of heavy metal. Acts such as RAM, Portrait, Enforcer, Helvetets Port and many, many more introduced a whole new generation to the magical world of true, unfiltered heavy metal music.
Besides making people notice all of these new bands, this also encouraged and inspired heavy metal fans to rediscover forgotten – and often sadly underrated acts – such as Mindless Sinner. Soon a reunion took place, the brand new album “The New Messiah” surfaced and the masterpiece “Turn On The Power” was rightly celebrated 30 years after its release, at Muskelrock Festival.
Now, it’s been five years since the arrival of the forementioned “The New Messiah” and instead we are being introduced to the brand new “Poltergeist”.
What first hits me when I listen to “Poltergeist” is that the production sounds so much better than on “The New Messiah”. It’s thicker, heavier, crispier and more clear, yet still with a distinct old school sound and in no way over produced.
The songs I would say are also better on “Poltergeist”, even though “The New Messiah” had some gems as well. The album opener, which is also the title track, is definitely a favourite alongside songs like “World Of Madness”, “The Road To Nowhere”, “Rewind The Future” and “Hammer Of Thor”. My number one pick is however the anthem “Heavy Metal Mayhem”, which is sure to be a live favourite with its chanting sing-a-long chorus.
A special mention must also be made regarding singer Christer Göransson. This man sounds exactly the same as he did 35 years ago and really should be considered one of the best singers in Sweden. A very good vocal performance from a a voice that simply doesn’t seem to age.
Even though “Poltergeist” of course is not as good and vital as the classics “Master Of Evil” and “Turn On The Power”, it’s still a very solid heavy metal release and of all the old bands which has reunited I think Mindless Sinner is one of the best. Still making new music and not just playing old songs for nostalgia, they come off as still hungry and a force to be reckoned with.
Artist: Mindless Sinner
Title: Poltergeist
Label: Pure Steel Records
Date of release: 17/1-20
Time: 49:15
Rating: 7/10
Stand out track: Heavy Metal Mayhem