“A sort of homecoming part 2” so to speak. But it fell flat. April 2017 was the first time since their reunion that they played Uppsala, and the cozy venue named Katalin and all that jazz (Yes! Much focus on softer music but in the last years Katalin has been hosting bands like HammerFall, In Flames, Opeth and Monster Magnet) . So when they confirmed a gig again there, I wasn´t thinking twice.

The band has progressed from industrial metal to a more melancholy side. So if you were to hear tonight´s show starter “Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share” (from the album of the same name who was their swansong from 2000) followed by the brutal sonic attack of “Kiss Your Boots”(taken from the band’s debut album from 1995) You wouldn´t believe it´s the same band. Tonight we are treated with three new songs, including a cover of the band Garbage’s song “Only Happy when it rains”. And with those songs they continue their more mature side, so if you only like the two first albums, I don´t think you have anything to get from this band anymore.

Going to a Misery Loves Co show, focus is on Patrik Wiren, the singer. With his immersive presence all eyes automatically turns to him and his performance:. Throwing the microphone to the ground so often and hard so it nearly breaks (is it the reason why the vocals were so low?), showering himself with water, crawling on the floor of the stage. The man is so engulfed in the music, he almost turns into someone else during the songs and looks almost surprised at the end of the song and see a crowd of people staring back at him. Even if the show wasn´t as good as it could have been, because of the Sunday chilling feeling in the audience, they still made the evening memorable.

I have a few things to say that made me a bit confused about this show. Uppsala is close to Stockholm, and yes they play there november 10th but the place is nowhere near sold out. Uppsala is a town of students, is it because of that, the place is not packed? Going to a show texting a friend about how useless the show is because the person don´t recognize the songs? – Well! Stay home then! This might be the reason why I feel that the show died a bit along the way

WHEN: 18-11-02
RATING: 7/10
QUESTION: Why no “Prove me Wrong”?