Mindfucker is a brand new album release from New Jersey native Dave Wyndorf and his posse of stoner rockers, Monster Magnet. The album Mindfucker is Monster Magnet’s 10:th studio album. It has been about three years since Monster Magnet’s latest release.

You have to give Mr Wyndorf Credit. He has built himself a strong brand in Monster Magnet. You can hear that this is Monster Magnet a mile away, just through a few bars. That 70:s feel of stoner rock mixed up with the underground punk scen of the NYC a few years back. I myself own quite a few of Monster Magnets back catalog, but I have always had a problem to get personally engaged in their former albums, which is weird, because Monster Magnet should be right up my ally musically.

And you who loves that particular sound/brand that Monster Magnet has built up over the years, will not be disappointed. The first three songs starts off at a high energy and high uptempo speed, which in my opinion fits Monster Magnet the best. Songs like ”Soul” and ”Mindfuck” are actually amazingly good songs. I also liked the fourth song ”I´m god” with its Hawkwindesqe sound. The downside is that the up tempo songs are much more interesting than the slower ones. This album just grows and gets better every time you listen to it.

So did this album change my mind about Monster Magnet? Well yes I think it did. The Monster Magnet sound is intact, and I have to admit. I am hooked, I really love this sound. The first three songs really grab a hold of you with their energy and speed. So does ”When the hammer comes down” and ”Brainwashed”. For me the fillers like ”Want some”, ”Drowning” and ”All day midnight” have a standard way to low compared to ”Soul”, Mindfucker” and ”When the hammer comes down”. That said, the album is good, really good, but it is not an album that will change the world.

Monster Magnet - Mindfucker

Band: Monster Magnet
Titel: Mindfucker
Releasedate: 2018-03-23
Label: Napalm
Rate: 6/10
Stand out song: Soul