Monster Truck is a band who has its origin in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. This four piece band started out in 2009 and found som minor success in their native country Canada. Now that Monster Truck are about to release their fourth full length album, they have found success beyond their home country. If I should try to describe the sound of Monster Truck, I would say it is a lot of gritty hard rock, that is blended with a fair share of seventies arena rock and then a small pinch of grunge added to top it off.

Monster Truck is a rather new acquaintance of mine, I have never heard a full album from these Canadian guys until now. The album starts out with a song that’s called ‘True rocker’, which is a fine statement of what these guys want to do. A fun fact is that no other than Mr ‘I wanna rock’, Dee Snider features in this song. This is a foot stomping song that is nearly impossible to sit still to. I believe this song sets the tone for where Monster Truck wants to go on this album.
The absolute gem on this album is the song ‘Evolution’ which is a song with a great hook that sticks like glue to your brain, and a lot of energy- that makes up for that hook that sticks like glue to your brain. Another thing that strikes me, is that the vocalist sounds like a mix of Thunders and Nickelbacks lead vocalists, which leads to that some of the songs sounds like Nickelback and Thunder every now and then. For good or for worse, I let you who listen to this album decide.

The boys of the Monster Truck have a wish. ‘We want people to listen to it and have fun, have as much fun as possible.’ says the singer of Monster Truck, John ‘Marv’ Harvey, and I think that sums up this album perfectly. This is an album for a friday night with your buddies and a couple of beers. It´s a party album to say the least. Here is a lot of good foot stomping rockers that are hard not to dig into. I can only imagine how much these songs will rock when they are performed live in concert!

This is not an album that will break new grounds, but it sure will rock your world on beer fueled party any friday night.

Band: Monster Truck
Titel: True Rockers
Release date: 2018-09-14
Label: Mascot Records
Rate: 6/10
Stand out song: Evolution