Moon Reverie – S/T


At the tender age of 12, in 1986, my life changed for the better. My brother and I got to borrow a bunch of records from an older cousin that had a great impact and lasting effect on my musical taste. Having already discovered bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Accept and Saxon we were both completely obsessed with hard rock and heavy metal but living in a small village in northern Sweden made it very hard to obtain new records, not to talk about the fact that I was a kid and poorer than Donald Trump´s social skills.

But I digress.
The two records that shone like Pink Floydian diamonds were two albums by Yngwie J. Malmsteens Rising Force, namely “Marching Out” (1985) and the then recently released “Trilogy”. I had never heard anything even remotely like the cascades of lightspeed notes and bombastic arrangements. YJM continued to release records that ranged from the very good (“Eclipse”, “Fire and Ice”, “Magnum Opus”) to small masterpieces like “Odyssey”, “The Seventh Sign” and the brilliant “Facing The Animal” in 1997.

But then something happened. The man responsible for single-handedly creating a new genre, Neo-Classical Hard Rock, lost his mojo. And that with a vengeance. His output since the aforementioned album has been spotty at best and utter crap at worst. So what do you do as a sucker for this brand of metal when The God of Shred no longer delivers the goods? I mean, I needed a fix and badly!

Thankfully there´s plenty of great substitutes out there that, while perhaps not really having the same chops as Yngwie, write great songs. And that is what it´s all about. You can shred all the way to next tuesday for all I care. If you don´t have the songs the whole things falls like a house of cards.

But I digress.
Up for inspection today is the brainchild of Italian guitar maestro Luca Poma who has been playing alongside alumnies like Kee Marcello, Uli Jon Roth and Vinnie Moore to name a few. Everything about Moon Reveries self-titled debut record oozes confidence and class. The production is powerful yet airy with plenty of room for all bandmembers to really shine. The extremely versatile vocals that Luca Pozzi belts out share characteristics with greats like Göran Edman, Graham Bonnet, Mike Vescera with a hint of Mark Boals. He gives a wonderful perfomance and that applies to the whole band.
The man himself then, Luca Poma? I hardly need to point out his amazing skills as a player, do I? While technically proficient and fast as Usain Bolt on some heavy duty steroids his tone is terrific and most of all: tasteful. He keeps his playing tasteful and his solos are usually short and on point, with soaring long notes and beautiful melodies in a playful flurry. Kudos!

On tracks like “End of Times” progressive metal-influences can be heard which makes this proghead happier than a piglet in a bathtub filled with chocolate pudding. As a matter of fact, there is not a single weak song on this album. If you love Yngwie, Symphony X and Royal Hunt this album is for you (and me, of course!)
The rating for this one is 8 shredding arpeggios out of 10.
Highly recommended!

Artist: Moon Reverie
Title: Self-titled
Genre: Neo-Classical Hard Rock
Label: Rockshots Records
Land of Origin: Italy
Date of release: 31/1-20
Time: 60,02 minutes
Rating: 8/10
Standout track: Say Forever

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Moon Reverie – S/T

February 19, 2020

On tracks like "End of Times" progressive metal-influences can be heard which makes this proghead happier than a piglet in a bathtub filled with chocolate pudding.

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