The clock is closer to 2am and the rain is pouring down as I slowly drive the dark road home. I try to gather my thoughts and impressions I received during the evening. We start from the beginning, first out was Knogjärn who would warm up the audience. 4 guys from Karlstad who play metal with a huge energy. They sing in Swedish and this is a bit unusual when it comes to this music style. They impressed me with their energetic style and good songs. Keep an eye on this band.

Everyone knows that mustasch is not just facial hair today but a band that has gathered a lot of experience. They are stage-wise and even though it was a day at the office for them, they delivered metal with class. The audience loves Mustasch and Mustasch loves their audience. Ralph easily brings the audience and his joke roar, they are pro. But even a little serious, they take up the song “#whatiswrong?” That is about suicide. Their call was for guys to start talking to each other. Just agree. The riffs replaces each other and they sit on a fairly decent song treasure. They are the riff kings in Sweden. They end with “Änglahund” and the audience singing sounds loud in the room, which is almost full. If you get the chance to see Mustasch live then don’t miss them. They are a very good band. Liquor, love and hard rock!

Mustasch + Knogjärn @ Liljan, Borlänge

Here is several pictures from the venue taken by our excellent photographer George.

Who: Mustasch
Where: Liljan, Borlänge
When: 24/5-19