Nailed To Obscurity – Black Frost


The album starts out with the title track “Black Frost”. I have never heard the band before so in my opinion this is what Opeth would have sounded like if they were stuck with the sound from 1995 to 2000. Mixed with Novembers Doom and Moonspell you get the picture of what to come. “Tears of the eyeless” was released as a single so that was kind of familiar to me, a good song where they for the first time on the album split between growl and clean singing. I wonder if “The Aberrant Host” has some actual real life story, it certainly could. And here is my first hesitation against the record/band. Such a long song for a band in melodic death metal category?(7.19 minutes). It doesn´t have my attention fully all the way. Live is one thing but on record? “Feardom” is a slow melodic death metal tune and a step up from “The Aberrant Host”, it´s even close to being a “hit song”! Then they´re up again with a bit too long song, “Cipher” ticking in at eight minutes but this time they actually keep my interest longer than the aforementioned “The Aberrant Host”.

Now, the next song “Resonance” makes me think that they try to fool us somewhat with a guest appearance by Tobias Forge, which might not be the truth but maybe his unknown brother from another mother. Nice touch and it really makes you react. On to “Ghost Of Perd…” oh sorry “Road To Perdition”. Both the title of the song and the song itself is a tribute to the Swedish inspiratory?

“Abyss”, song number eight. Since it´s a fast track it also stands out, of course there are slow melodic parts here and there but it has something different in it too. And of course they must leave with a third lengthy number “Autumn memories”, which surprises me with keeping the pace set on the track before, a fast tune(for being Nailed to obscurity) and for being seven minutes long and not let the listeners losing interest in it. The song fades into the last track “Fallen Leaves” which is an instrumental track.

ARTIST: Nailed To Obscurity
TITLE: Black Frost
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
DATE OF RELEASE: 11/1-2019
RATE: 7/10
STAND OUT TRACK: “Autumn Memories”

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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