The French squadron Necrowretch is, although their new release ”The Ones from Hell” is their fourth full length album since they formed in 2008, a new acquaintance to me, but as soon as the atmospheric acoustic prelude of the first song, “Pure Hellfire”, transform into a frenzied riff-storm it’s wholly clear that “The Ones From Hell” will deliver eight songs of pure, old school, raging worship dedicated to the Dark Lord of this World!

Although the mentioned calm introduction, Necrowretch press the pedal to the medal for most part of the 37 minute long ode to Satan, that is their new album, “The Ones For Hell”, and although not overloaded with memorable riffs, they still manage to create a quite tasteful dish of blackened Death Metal, performed the old brutal way, reminiscent of bands like Merciless and Nifelheim.

The Soundscape is quite chaotic, as it should be when it comes to this type of music, but still as well balanced that listening is not a burden upon your ears but instead, although some might argue on that, quite enjoyable!

The pace of the songs vary from fast to chaotic although filled with variation so they never seem to become tedious and if you need some rest and recover, Necrowretch offers a mid-album breather in form of the (almost) instrumental interlude “Absolute Evil” and the following “slow and heavy” number “Codex Obscuritas”. Then, the speedometer once again points at red for the second and concluding part of the album.

Necrowretch with “The Ones From Hell” sure was a pleasant surprise for me, and it makes me happy that there still are metal acts that choose the crude and furious approach to music rather than the polished and easy accessible. If you’re into furious Black/Thrash/Death-metal, performed the way it sounded in the late eighties, you should really give “The Ones From Hell” a try, it sure is worth it!

Artist: Necrowretch
Title: The Ones From Hell
Label: Season of Mist Underground Activists
Date of release: 14/02-20
Playing time: 37:00
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Darkness Supreme