New Horizon – Gate of The Gods


Well. Indeed. A Power metal album from former H.E.A.T. bandmates Erik Grönwall and Jona Tee (an interview with them can be found here on Stargazed) With Eriks recent battle with his disease the band name has kind of a spooky feeling to it. But lyrically its just as hopeful as I think Erik ever were during the battle with his disease.

And straight from the start its pedal to the metal. Erik is even trying to sound like Geoff Tate (back in the days) in the first scream of the album.

This is what H.E.A.T. easily of course could sound like if Erik stayed. And since it is Power Metal without a doubt one could easily try to figure out bits and pieces of bands and melodies from other acts of the genre, but I feel it’s not up to me. The chorus of the first song “We Unite” is so contagious it gets stuck in your mind directly. A hymn plain and simple with a slight touch of a Football chant chorus.

The thought of having all the songs sung by different singers was scrapped, and Erik is handling the vocal duties impeccable as usual. He is a super talented singer in the metal/hard rock scene that is one clear thing.
“Cry for freedom” was the first time around a bit too much for me but it grows on me a bit. Still a bit too hysterical overall but that can change. Here Erik uses his heavy metal vocals in a fine fashion.

When they slow down the most hyper speed Power Metal as in “Call of the underground” its back on track so to speak. And from here on I get my hopes up and back a bit. But who says happiness last long. Straight after they are back in the path of going a bit too fast with “Stardust”.
“The End of all” is just as I hoped the whole album would be: Heavy and melodic without getting out of hand completely. “Fearless” is dancing on the very thin line but is saved by the fact that they avoid the worst Formula One riffs. But it certainly took up the competition of best song of the album.

All in all, this could have been one great EP now it is a bit out of my comfort zone musically which is sad. I really hoped for a different kind of album. Maybe next time. But still “Gate of the Gods” is a good final track.

Artist: New Horizon
Title. Gate of the gods
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing Time: 49,41
Date of release: 22-03-11
Stand out track: “Call of The Underground”
Rate: 5/10

New Horizon – Gate of The Gods

March 14, 2022

All in all, this could have been one great EP now it is a bit out of my comfort zone musically which is sad.

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