This album aims to be big. It aims to explode with greatness all the way. Unfortunately, this stops at being the kind of album that you probably won’t remember at the end of the year. I have listened to this album a lot of times and I still have a problem at times figuring out if a song has ended or if it still is the same song. Even the songs seem long. You know when you are on a long journey in a car and you think you have travelled long but you have just been on the road for a little while. That is how most songs on this album feels like.

However, there are some gems here as well.

We shall start from the back with Anneliese. This song has a ghastly and to be honest a quite scary intro and keep the ghastly air about it during the song. Aeternam has an almost Sodom feel about the song. If I did not know, I would have been absolutely convinced that this was a straight up old school German Thrash song. Lights Out has a Van Halen feel about the guitars in the beginning of the song. Best performance award on the album clearly goes to the new vocalist Madie (Faith in agony). She does a fine job throughout the album with a wide variety of emotions in her voice and hits every note amazing.

For me the standout track of the album is the slow starter Crystal Lake. I particularly like the anguish infested tone in the vocals for the start of the song before it takes of. Halfway through the song we accelerate tempo, the song almost goes into an epic mode. Harmonies, big scores, guitar forcing it´s way to the forefront of the song.

To tie the bag together so to speak, I feel that this is an album that I don`t get excited about. Sure I can like one or two songs a lot. As a whole, it does not rock my boat in any greater sense as to put this as a top album of the year. Mediocre and bland at best, with some surprising passages that keeps you awake for the duration, nothing more.

Artist: Nightmare
Title: Aeternam
Label: AFM
Playing Time: 48:44
Rating: 5/10
Release Date: 2020-10-02
Land of origin: France
Stand out track: Crystal Lake