NoCebo – Kommer du ihåg


It is not every day that a new album with hard rock is released in Swedish. Not only Swedish hard rock but also with lyrics in Swedish. NoCebo From Linköping has released some material in the past but it is now they seriously invest in getting their music out to the audience. The band represents by Daniel Melle Sandberg and Stefan Johansson. Two guys who have metal as a base but also have a broad musical knowledge.

NoCebo’s music is melodic hard rock with punk and raw elements. Not squealing, fast and death heavy. Only heavy from more holistic perspective. It is also not just classic metal arrangement, but a mix of instruments and melodies. It’s unique and therefor I don’t want to compare it to any other artist. I let you create your own opinion. The melancholic base and the sometimes heavy minded lyrics appeals to me. Calmer verses interspersed with heavier choruses. This means that the music touches other strings compared to much of the “easily digestible” hard rock that you feed from many bands. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it’s nice when something new is released.

This is music that works as well on depressed days as on days when you only need an energy kick. Even if you don’t understand Swedish, I think you should give this album a chance. Melles rough voice and the feeling in the music is good enough. Just the same way I like to listen to Eisbrecher for example without understanding German.

I liked NoCebo the first time I listened to it, but I like them even more after four rounds of the album. The songs that I personally think are best are “Kommer du ihåg”, (Do you remember), and “Jag samlar” (I gather).

The biggest “problem” with this album is that it gives you a taste for more. I hope that they will soon come out with additional materials and that they will also get attentiveness to the rock scenes so that we get the opportunity to watch them live.

Band: NoCebo
Title:  Kommer du ihåg
Label: Own release
Date of release: 23/8-18
Time: 25 min
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: “Kommer du ihåg” ( Do you remember)

Track list:

  1. Kommer du ihåg
  2. Jag samlar
  3. Fågel Fenix
  4. Färgen på min själ
  5. Brustna hjärtans resa
  6. I sprickor


Elise Pavicic

Elise Pavicic


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