I don´t really know what grade to give this album if I am honest. On the one hand it is raw, barbwire melting aggressive, it has weight, it has speed and it has a winning approach for a good thrash album. On the other hand, if you don´t make all these parts melt together with some diversity between the songs it probably stays mediocre?

Maybe that is where I need to put this? All components present, well executed but nothing out of the ordinary. I think that is where I will make my stand.

New singer David Garnett is doing a fine job and has a really fitting voice and tone for thrash. The music is fast, it is filled with aggression and anger, just as it should be. Guitars are razor sharp, cutting riffs all through the album. Bass and drums build a fine foundation to the sound. In a way, what is not to like and why is this not a modern thrash classic?

Answering that might be both hard and easy at the same time. Sure; the quality of all the songs are good. But that is probably the biggest issue, even though it is not a problem. I have a huge problem defining if any song is better than another song. The tempo and anger are on the same level all the way through.

First song “strike fast, strike hard” really sets the scene. And that tempo is kept up all the way through. Without fail and without changing to bad or exceptional. If doing something else while listening it can be hard to hear if the songs have changed.

If you held a gun to my head and gave me a choice of best song on the album that I will repeat every day or you will shoot me, I would be shot. But for today: “Generation Antichrist” stands out a tad more. But tomorrow “Bow Down to the Clowns” might”.

My summary for this will be: I am sorry I do not get more out of this album then it has the potential to be. I also apologize if I have been repeating my frustration in maybe not fully understanding the greatness of this album. But I stand by my judgement in calling this ok/good.

Band: Onslaught
Title: Generation Antichrist
Label: AFM
Rate: 7/10
Date of release: 2020-08-07
Stand out track: Generation Antichrist.