The London based band Orange Goblin are about to release there 10th album, ‘The wolf bites back’.
The first song ‘Sons of Salem’ is a great song with great energy and a great chorus you just cannot stop yourself from singing along to. This gave me a whole lot of anticipation of how good this album could be. The problem is, it´s not. The fun stops right there. The rest of the songs are not even close to holding the same standard as the opening track. Yes, parts of ‘Swords of fire’ is good. At least the part when they try to get back to their doom roots, but it goes back to the straight heavy metal/punk sound again. I guess that I am not really honest when I am saying that the rest of the album is crap. I am sure an Orange Goblin fan who has come to terms with their new sound will like this album, that I am quite certain of, but for me it is just as if every song sounds more or less the same. Nothing really stands out, except for ‘Sons of Salem’, in my eyes, but damn, that is a good song.

I have tried to follow this band since the days they were a promising stoner band. Unfortunately Orange Goblin left that sound behind for a more straight forward heavy metal and punkier style sound, and it does not work for me at all. The problem with that is that they now sound pretty much like everybody else, when they back in the days stood out as one of the most promising stoner band of their time. I know this should not come as a surprise for me, since Orange Goblin left their stoner sound direction a long time ago, but for me it does not matter, I can not overcome that they had a good thing going and then just threw it away.

Do not get me wrong here, there are some good tunes on the album, but they do not stand out. The album kind of drowns in the middle of other metal bands with punk ambition. Truth of the matter is that I’m about to break up my relationship with Orange Goblin. For me it is that bad, and for that matter, sad.

Artist: Orange Goblin
Titel: The wolf bites back
Label: Candlelight Records/Universal
Release date: 2018-06-15
Rate: 2/10
Standout track: Sons of Salem