Pallbearer. I have read about them and probably heard them here and there but this is my first full album that I hear from them. A band set for Doom legend status if they isn’t are already even if they have had a short career. They have taken the best of Cathedral and made it even more doomy and majestic.

It is not often that I do listen to doom metal but its an art form that, when it is done like this, it is something I need to reconsider to do more. You have already heard ”Forgotten Days” and with ”Riverbed” they turn their doom metal into something more melodic. Almost bits and pieces of stoner. Stasis” even got catchy melodies without the band totally loosing their path and identity.

Silver Wings” carry on in the same way. And I can by 100 per cent see why they are slowly climbing up in popularity. From then on they pave their way through more classic doom areas. The idea to put a 12 minute song right in the middle of the album divides the listener I think. Either you gonna continue listening with interest or you just think that they totally lost it.

The ones who left the album after the epic ”Silver Wings” unfinished missed out on a fantastic final journey with songs like “A rite of passage” and ”Vengeance And Ruination”.
The Final song ”Caledonia” is a perfect ending to this record. Dreamlike doomy and with the touch of melodies that is a perfect presentation of the band and this record.
Thank you guys for reminding me how doom metal should be played


Artist: Pallbearer
Title: Forgotten Days
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Date of release: 20-10-23
Playing Time: 52.55
Rating: 7/10
Land of origin: USA
Stand out track: Vengeance And Ruinations