Playing sort of live doing streams is not for everyone. Especially if you do not have the inclination to be a gung-ho party band that wants to rally the troops even though the troops are at the other side of a screen somewhere else in the world. So Paradise Lost do it their way. They set up a rehearsal and invite you to take part in a raw, naked and authentic session of their music. It works well.

The rawness that goes through this whole album is very nice. The mix of the music is not placed there to sound clean or the usual Paradise Lost heavy bass drums. Tempo is almost taken down a bit and you get 73 minutes of mostly down paced music.

What I think stands out the most is Nick Holmes vocals, especially on the tracks with more growling. He delivers them excellent. That is for me the most positive thing with this album. What could be a complaint is the somewhat St Anger resembling snare drum. But that is just because it does not have the weight you are used to with Paradise Lost. But since when is this band a band that does not surprise you? It does not take away from the whole picture that this is a good album, performed by the band the way the band wants to perform the song. End off.



Band: Paradise Lost
Title: At The Mill

Label: Nuclear Blast

Date of release: 2021-07-16

Rate: 7/10
Stand out track(s): Fall From Grace

Country Of Origin: The United Kingdom

Playing time: 1 hour 13 minutes