A new band (this is their second album) in the same category as After Forever, Exit Eden and Amaranthe so we all know what to expect. I will not label this as power metal, more like modern progressive symphonic metal (see a new genre is born). A band that catches something inside me in a positive way.

“Diamonds And Dark” catches me as the first track to be standing out on the record as it feels like the album kicks off from this track, a bit darker than the previous songs. I sense a steadier path to a darker heavy album as it progress. However ”Worst part of me” could easily be skipped as you listen to the album, it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere actually. ”Titanium” the title track do continue the heavier path taken after “Diamonds…” and if you are looking for a heavier Amaranthe for example, here you have it.

”Titanium” (the track) will probably go down great live. So please don’t judge the book by its cover or the storyline summary at the back off the book.

Take a listen with open mind.

On “Silver Lining” Amanda Sommerville makes a guest appearance. It kind of make the album step up a little bit more. What you can call a ”Hit song”. I never thought I would do a positive review of a band sounding like this but you have to know the difference between apples and pears.

Ending with a surprised look on my face and a smile is good enough for high points in the end.
A surprisingly good album, as I find myself enjoying the album and almost forget to write something about the songs.

Thank you Phantom Elite for pushing this part of the metal music world to a better part.

Artist: Phantom Elite
Title: Titanium
Rating: 7/10
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 21-01-22
Place of Origin: Netherlands
Stand out track: “Diamonds And Dark”