Powerwolf review – Sabaton Open Air 2018


The churches around the world are nowadays often almost empty. Tonight, in Falun Sweden, the congregation are huge when Powerwolf calls to a holy heavy metal mass. The rain is pouring down but the crowd doesn´t care.

That Germany has the ability to produce really good metal bands is a well-known fact. Powerwolf is one of all the German bands that are worth listening to if you like melodic metal with dark and sacramental arrangements. Their new album “The Sacrament of Sin” was released this summer.

The stage, the clothes and the faces of the band has a blended color of black, white and blue. That increase the sacrament feeling. On stage, there is also two large, golden eagles. Behind them you find the keyboards, from where the sound of organs is streaming out. That sound is a dominant factor together with the powerful voice of Attila Dorn. Attila and also the other band members have a great interaction with their followers. As any congregation, they need to sing. And they do! A lot! They got the chance to proof their knowledge of lyrics when it times for “Demons are a girl´s best friend” and got approved.

It was a long time ago I heard as many Hallelujah as during this hour, but I liked it! Powerwolf doesn´t only drink your blood, they also drag your music heart into their “cult”.

Who: Powerwolf

Where: Sabaton Open Air 2018

When: 2018-08-18

Stand out track: Ave Maria

Rate: 9/10

Elise Pavicic

Elise Pavicic


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