Powerwolf – The Sacrament of Sin

Powerwolf – The Sacrament of Sin


That Germany has the ability to produce really good metal bands is a well-known fact. Powerwolf is one of all the German bands that are worth listening to if you like melodic metal with dark undertones. Since 2005, Powerwolf released 11 albums, including two boxes. Their former “Blessed & Possessed 2015” has recently sold gold in the Czech Republic. It remains to be seen whether the new album “The Sacrament of Sin”, released on July 20 2018, will have the same successes.

At the same time as the regular album they also released a Deluxe version where other bands are doing covers on some of Powerwolfs previous songs. A clever move to find new fans. Battlebeast, Amaranthe, Epica, Saltatio Mortis, Caiban, Heaven Shall Burn, Kadavar, Kissin´ Dynamite, Eluveitie, Mille Petrozza and Marc Görtz have been honored to contribute to new versions that are really good. My own favorite “We Drink Your Blood”is included among the choices. When I press play to listen through the new songs, it does not take many seconds to show that it’s Powerwolf as we know them. This is a band that has a clear image, a sound that they are faithful to and a way to build up the songs that give a high recognition factor.

”Fire and Forgive” starts with the characteristic sacramental sound of a mighty choir. Dark messages about werewolves, religious and medieval fairy tales are the band’s trademark and the lyrics are well connected with the music. It is of course a matter of taste, but many listeners, me included, gets started by this kind of mighty and melodic power metal that has a heavy ground without flirting with death and completely without elements of growl. The new album is slightly lighter than several of their earlier releases but not as much as it hurts.

”Where The Wild Wolfes Have Gone” is a power ballad. Something that I think it’s released far too few nowadays.

”Nightsight Of Siberia” with it’s march tempo and it’s war theme, bring Sabaton in to mind. Otherwise no comparisons.

”The Sacrament Of Sin” is the albums fastest song and appeals to those who like pattering drums and tempo shifts between verse and chorus.

Attila Dorn (Karsten Brill) has a voice with its own character. Rough, powerful and with an underlying special tone that makes it easily recognizable. Just so, it’s easy to recognize Powerwolf – is a good summary of the new album, I think. They keep the style and offer music that we expect. Powerwolf manages to keep my interest alive the whole disc through because the songs have sufficient differences to make it entertaining. Clearly another good album from the Germans who continue to deliver medieval darkness, wolves, beautiful arrangement and choruses sticking to our brains. I look forward to watching them live at Sabaton Open Air in August.

Band: Powerwolf
Title:  The Sacrament of Sin
Label: Napalm Records/Sony Music
Date of release: 20/7-18
Time: 42 min
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Demons are a girl’s best friend

Track list

1. Fire & Forgiv
2. Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend
3. Killers With The Cross
4. Incense And Iron
5. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
6. Stossgebet
7. Nightside Of Siberia
8. The Sacrament Of Sin
9. Venom Of Venus
10. Nighttime Rebel
11. Fist By Fist (Sacralize Or Strike)
12. Midnight Madonna (Bonus Track – nur im EMP- und Napalm-Records-Mailorder)

Elise Pavicic
Authored by: Elise Pavicic