Fourth live album from Pretty Maids and after this there can be no more…

I must confess that I rediscovered the band around “Kingmaker, not really paid attention to them since their “Sin Decade” album in 1992. From the “Kingmaker” album I have seen them a couple of times, and its a band that leans only on very strong songs with extremely confident musicians in what they do as a band. A live album based on “Future World” is unbelievable in my world due to the fact that jt is a worn out vinyl in my collection and regard it as one of the best albums ever. An album I almost grew up with.

It still knocks me off my feet as it did when I first heard it as a teenager. So please forgive me but this is a “we´re not worthy” moment for me and a high rate is unavoidable.
The power in Ronnies voice is still after all those years fantastic. “We came to rock” is so heavy in the studio version but it doesn’t really get that heavy here unfortunately. Still one hell of a song though. Laughing with joy behind my keyboard – This is so ridiculously good.
If you´ve experienced Pretty Maids in the last few years. You all know that there is not even pyro on stage for the band to back them up so to speak. Just a band doing goosebumps inducting music.

Listening to the album brings me back to the gig they did in Stockholm on this tour.
I am all out of more positive words to sat about this. Its not a ten pointer but oh so close. Can´t we just end this part and move on to the songs that is “encores”?
It can get very silly I imagine if not.
How do you decide what track is the best when there is 15 contenders?
“Needles in the dark” sounds like its going a bit too fast for Ken here. This is the first negative thing I have to say about it for 350+ word long review. So “Eye of the storm” did come in the perfect place. Another track that was “placed” perfectly must be “Mother of all lies”. And a sort of pass by track into the majestic “Kingmaker”.

Excuse me all. I need to go and calm down. This hour has been such an adrenaline rush and it feels like I just witnessed the band on stage and not listening to a record.
I am over and completely out. When the world is back on it´s feet you need to go and see this band live. Now with the virus you just need to go to your favourite record dealer/shop and purchase it.
That is all there is to it. I can´t really explain it.

Band: Pretty Maids
Title: Maid In Japan
Label: Frontiers Records
Release Date: 20-05-20
Rate: 9/10
Least Rockning Moment: Long Way to Go