Primal Fear – Apocalypse


Primal Fear offers no surprises and no disapointments. They provide the good old classic german heavy/power metal through a good production and great vocal performance by Ralf Scheepers. There is not much more to say about this album, really. It sounds like you’d expect and it’s as good as you’d expect. I could somewhat hope the songs would reach the heights of the great Seven Seals (2005), but there’s no reason to complain about this. If you’re a fan, just go and buy this one. If you’re slightly interested in the band, check it out. If you’re not interested in Primal Fear or heavy/power, stay away. As simple as that!

Band: Primal Fear
Title: Apocalypse
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: 10/8-18
Time: 50,09
Rate: 6/10
Stand out tracks: Hounds of Justice

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund


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