Primal Fear review – Sabaton Open Air 2018


There can’t be as many metalheads out there who don’t know about Primal Fear. After decades of albums and gigs, they are one of the “new” legends of our time. One of those who take over when the other legends steps off the scene. When I sit in the elderly, I expect posters of the band placed on the wall above the fireplace.

Sabaton Open Air is a forum where new and old musician talents meet. With the same burning glow for the music that is a natural part of my life and that of many others. Primal Fear is one of tonight’s numbers that attracts the most folks out of beer tent. Just as it should be, it is a mix of young and old, hardcore fans who can every single line of the bands texts and curious beginners.

The smoke sweeps in over the stage and Francesco Jovino take his place behind the drums. The siren sounds, the guitars kick in and the band take over Sabaton Open Air with their melodious power metal. Ralf Scheepers has a powerful voice and is one of the best singers in the rock world. I interviewed him a few hours before the gig. Something that may be considered as highly unusual because he, as all professional singers, needs to save his voice and therefore do not do interviews on tour. I am very glad that he was kind to make an exception when circumstances made the other members busy. You will be able to read the interview here at Stargazed Magazine shortly.

The voice holds and Ralf’s engagement on stage is 100%. He is not one of those who run around on stage but still has a dynamic body language. There is a good audience contact even though I would have liked to have seen that the other bandmembers would have worked a little closer to their audience. If I’m going to use my critical eyes for live experiences, it is Ralf’s charisma and the exceptional strong music material, that makes the band a good live band.

It is a hassle with Ralf’s monitoring, which becomes a distraction but like the pros they are, the band cover this in the best way and ensures that the gig is not losing tempo. The lighting is really good and during the intro to “Angels of Mercy” they work with the light in a way that lifts the song. I like that kind of details.

It is mostly older songs on the set list but also someone from the pure new album. When it´s time for the hit “The end is near”, the audience is invited to a singing practice that raises the atmosphere one more notch. When the band is presented, there is plenty of room for tribute to each of the members. A good arrangement that creates a relationship with the audience in a personal way.

The fact that there is honest joy left in Primal Fear hearts is clearly seen in their eyes when they deliver a great gig in Falun.

Who: Primal Fear

Where: Sabaton Open Air, Falun

When: 2018-08-16

Stand out track: The end is near

Rate: 8/10


Elise Pavicic

Elise Pavicic


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