Punk Rock by Blood Command


Park Sounds are a one day music festival in Huskvarna Folkets Park, Sweden. This year 8 bands performed during the night with The Hives as head liner. Stargazed Magazine watched one of the band who have a place in our rocking world.

Blood Command is an Norwegian punk rock band from Bergen with 4 guys accompanies the voice of Karina Ljone. They have released three albums since 2008. The latest, Cult Drugs, came last year. An album that has been honored by many. It’s not every day new punk rock bands appear, and I can understand that many are appealed by this ruff and cocky music and image. It’s like punk is supposed to be.

It’s quite ok energy level on stage but at the same time very uneven. I wish that Karina had “lived” the music more. Sometimes she is excellent and sometimes she “forgets” it´s a gig with audience. This lowers the grade a little. The other band members are much better in this case. Without competition, Yngve Andersen is best on stage. He manages guitar, keyboard, computer, singing and still has time to do an excursion on the front boxes where he gets in touch with the audience. He is constant in motion and goes all in. Love it!

If death metal is the hardest form of rock, one might say that Blood Command is the toughest form of punk. Guitars, prominent drums and synthesizers provide a mix of styles that become great together. Even though the band has been around for 10 years, it may be considered a new star on the music sky for both punk and metal heads.

What: Park Sounds

Where: Huskvarna Folkets Park

When: 2018-05-19

Rate: 6/10

Elise Pavicic

Elise Pavicic


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